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One of the biggest challenges for business owners relates to finding the best hosting service provider that suits their needs and requirements. With more organizations now seriously considering the option to shift their businesses to the cloud, the global business landscape is already experiencing the heat of fierce competition within their respective industries. There are many cloud hosting service providers, but among them, there are only a few that have got a competitive edge, as they are providing a managed cloud hosting service.   

That’s where Cloudways steals the spotlight. It simplifies hosting complexities for business owners that would otherwise need to hire technical experts to manage server maintenance, server security, and server related performance optimization. 

Cloudways is a platform that provides managed cloud hosting and promises a great balance between affordability and functionality. This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) partners with five top-tier Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers and comes with features that help you scale hosting resources as your business requirements evolve. The Cloudways Platform is optimized for speed, performance, and security.

Cloudways Affiliate

Since cloud hosting is an evolving industry worth billions of dollars, marketers can earn their fair share by becoming an affiliate of a leading managed cloud hosting platform and actively promote them through various channels.

Why Choose the Cloudways Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketers use multiple traffic sources such as blogs, eCommerce stores, ebooks, video content, and podcasts to generate a steady income stream. More often than not, these affiliates opt for a bigger brand because of its visibility. Hence, for affiliates, it’s easier to pull customers to sign up for this brand.

Before we get into their commission structure, let’s check out some of the features and benefits of the Cloudways Affiliate Program.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Behind the scenes, there’s a dedicated team of affiliate managers that help affiliates with improving their conversion rate. This team provides affiliates with guidance and learning resources including tips, guides, newsletters, and relevant benchmark articles on what’s happening in the industry.

Real-Time Tracking

The Cloudways Affiliate Program’s panel also equips affiliates with real-time tracking features like the sub id tracking that helps analyze conversions and customer journeys. This way, the affiliate can objectively look at where she/he is losing out on potential customers.

Performance Reporting

Within the affiliate panel, affiliates also get access to some of the best performance reports that help them in evaluating their performance. These reports contain performance indicators like clicks, conversions, and commissions, which helps them make effective promotional strategies.

Commissions Structure

The Cloudways Affiliate Program gives affiliates the choice to pick from three flexible commission structures to cater to their earning cycle. 

  • Slab 
  • Hybrid 
  • Custom

The Slab Payout Model

The Slab model offers affiliates a great opportunity to earn a consistent income by generating multiple referrals every month. This model caters to performance marketers and entrepreneurs. Let’s say if an affiliate lands seven referrals during the month, he will get the commission as per Slab 2. Affiliate marketers have the opportunity to earn higher commission per referral by bringing in more referrals.

Hybrid Structure

The Hybrid payout structure is ideal for affiliates who intend to earn more money in the long-term plan by establishing a sustainable source of passive income. 

If you fit the boot, you can increase your earnings through this passive income system by signing up referrals every month. Upon every successful referral, you will receive a $30 commission up-front along with a 7% lifetime recurring commission on your referred customers’ invoice, for as long as they stay with Cloudways.

For example, you onboard a referral that requires a 1GB plan for DigitalOcean on Cloudways. The price for this hosting plan on Cloudways is $10/month, hence, you receive $30 as an upfront commission. The next month, you bring in another referral and earn another $30 commission as upfront and 7% for the referral you signed up last month.

In case the customer upgrades their Cloudways hosting plan to 2GB on DigitalOcean, your earnings increase with the recurring 7% of the invoice generated for the 2GB hosting plan. You, as an affiliate marketer can continue to earn as long as the referral continues to use the Cloudways hosting platform. 

Custom Structure

The custom commission structure is ideal for affiliate marketers who can bring in a high number of referrals to Cloudways. Since they can potentially bring in a lot of business, The custom payout structure offers the best of both the Slab and Hybrid payout commission structures.

Who Should Consider the Cloudways Affiliate Program


If you are a blogger, you’re probably multitasking to meet the expenses, creating content and promoting your blog. With Cloudways, pick a commission plan and start earning significantly by building on referrals through your blog.


If you create courses around “how to create a website” or train around web applications like WordPress and Magento, then the Cloudways Affiliate Program fits your needs. Whether you teach offline or online through your personal website or educational websites like Udemy and Teachable,  you can easily promote Cloudways.

Freelancers Developers 

Freelancing is a risky choice to make a career out of. The final earnings depend directly on the client and their ability to pay. By joining the Cloudways Affiliate Program you, as a freelance/developer, can set up a dependable source of income. As your business grows, you earn higher due to the increase in the number of referred clients.

Digital Agencies

Digital agencies compete to retain and onboard brands and customers. In order to sustain financial stability, digital agencies must ensure a continuous stream of revenue. This is where the Cloudways Affiliate Program commission structures come in handy. It offers a regular source of income for the digital agencies, as they promote Cloudways and onboard customers to start using their platform.

The Affiliate Panel

After signing up for the Cloudways platform, you immediately gain access to resources that will not only help promote but also scale your earnings. On this platform, you can monitor your progress and earnings in real-time through the Cloudways affiliate panel. 

You can also view reports, view campaign metrics, and monitor Ad Channels from the affiliate panel itself. The basic idea is to monitor your campaigns and view your earnings.

The Cloudways Platform shows real-time metrics as the tracking cookies monitor every visitor and referral. The cookie is trackable for 90 days.

Creating & Customizing Affiliate Links

Once you are in the affiliate panel, you get a link to promote Cloudways. With this URL, you can track the signups and earnings. The affiliate link is visible on the top of the affiliate panel’s home screen. 

The affiliate link looks like this:


This link is customizable, you can add a landing page to the URL to route the audience there i.e https://www.CloudwaysLandingPage/?id=xxxxx). Let’s assume you want to route your audience to sign up with the Google Cloud infrastructure, your customized URL will look like this:


Through this customizable link, you can track and direct relevant traffic on a specific Cloudways page to evaluate your promotional strategy.


The Reports tab is where all the reports related to your activities are available. These reports include trend reports, quick stats, commissions, and payouts, and raw clicks.

Let’s have a look at each of these sub-reports:

Quick Stats is where you can monitor current, previous day, or monthly stats for the number of clicks (repeat/unique clicks), and the number of sales and commissions. It shows a summarized report for your Click to Sales ratioEarnings per Click and Average Commission Per Sale.

Trends report is where you can analyze impressions, clicks, commissions and sales trends

The commission report is a real-time report that displays existing and new signups and sales status. This reporting feature allows users to apply custom filters to personalize data and even export the data in multiple formats. 

Payouts to me section contain your affiliates’ complete payout history and the amount of paid and unpaid commission(s). 

Raw Clicks reflects real-time data of unique and repeated clicks.

In Reports, the Quick Stats view is perhaps the most useful feature of the affiliate panel. Here, the affiliates can view metrics regarding their sales, earnings per click, and average conversion per sale

SubID Tracking

One of the top features of Cloudways affiliate panel is the subID tracking feature through which affiliates can monitor their ad channels and the flow of the traffic on these channels. 

The SubID Tracking helps an affiliate to measure the impact of clickable links in terms of conversions. This feature helps in tracking the audience who have clicked on website links, call to action buttons, landing pages, keyword searches, ads, etc. 

To assist you further, Cloudways offers two custom parameters namely (Data1) and (Data2) for additional tracking purposes. You can directly add both the parameters in the affiliate link with any value to keep track of the signups and conversions coming from various channels. 

Suppose you are a performance marketer who works on multiple PPC campaigns. You can add Campaign ID in the Data1 parameter and the commission report will reflect Campaign ID next to each signup or conversion. In this way, you will have a clear idea, which campaign is generating a sale and which is just getting signup – thus providing you the way forward to work on campaign optimization. It’s up to you whether you want to use both parameters or just one of them. 

The affiliate link to track PPC campaign will look like this: https://platform.cloudways.com/signup?id=XXXXX&data1=CAMPAIGNID

Prebuilt Banners and Promotional Material

The Cloudways Affiliate  Panel also provides different banners and a comprehensive promotional material with its respective embed code. The affiliate can click on the banner, copy the code and place it on his/her website. It’s that easy.

The Verdict

Signing up as a Cloudways affiliate gives you the opportunity to attract more traffic and earn more money. That’s because you get two significant advantages working as their affiliate

  1. Cloud Hosting is a large and expanding industry
  2. Cloudways is among the popular PaaS platforms.

If you are a blogger, a digital agency, or a startup business you can leverage earning passive income through Cloudways’ Affiliate Program. This is a great platform that offers a  great opportunity to scale your income with ease.

All you have to do is to sign up with Cloudways Affiliate Program and start earning through this passive income system to get your well-deserved reward. It’s time to explore new opportunities and take advantage right away.

If you wish to know more about how to join the Cloudways Affiliate Program, read this Knowledgebase article in the Support Center.

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