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Benefits of Writing And Why You Should Write More

Every literate person knows how to write, irrespective of whether he is a writer or not. If one can and talk and understand, it is not difficult to write. Just because you are not a good writer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write; In fact only way to achieve it is by writing more. It is … Read More

How to keep your Blogging Enthusiasm Alive

When we first start something new, it will be exciting and we do it with lots of enthusiasm and energy. But later on we struggle to keep up the same enthusiasm and pace. Same thing happens with bloggers. Sometimes we just feel sick to write or even get up. Sometimes writing can be boring. Sometimes … Read More

Major things to do after setting up your wordpress blog

As you all know WordPress is one of the popular CMS (Content Management system) blogging platform. Every professional blogger likes WordPress. If you’re thinking to start a new blog, I recommend you to start with WordPress. why you should use WordPress? It is free. Easy to Install. Easy to customize design. Easy to tweak codes (not necessary, … Read More