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Fastest WordPress Hosting

3 Best Fastest WordPress Hosting I’ve personally used

I’ve been blogging for the past nine years and during this period I’ve been with various managed WordPress hosting providers, but not all of them were super fast.  Modern websites need to be fast in order to rank and compete with the world. So my quest for the fastest web hosting provider led me to … Read More

How to Choose a Blog Name

How to Choose a Blog Name in 2023 and Beyond

Coming up with a blog name could be time-consuming if you don’t know the right way to name your blog.  Whether you’re starting out or making changes to an existing one, a blog name always matters. And if it’s a personal blog, things become a bit intricate. Because for a business blog, all you need … Read More

How to Set up a Business Email address with a custom domain

How to Create a Professional Email address with a custom domain

Whether you’re running a small business or a huge one, there are times when you have to reply to your customers’ queries or perhaps contact other companies to increase your market reach. And that’s when having your own business domain email can benefit more than a common email address like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more. … Read More

YouTube marketing

The complete guide to YouTube marketing in 2023

Youtube sees over 2 billion active users every month, making it one of the world’s most popular social media platforms as per statista. That is because it offers a wide variety of videos ranging from ‘how to chop green beans’ to ‘how to hotwire a car,’ thus making it widely loved. Such a massive reach … Read More