7 Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for 2022

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AppSumo Lifetime Deals are special offers where you can purchase your favorite products at a discounted one-time price. If you’re looking for this month’s AppSumo Lifetime Deal, you’re at the right place.

AppSumo is a perfect place for Marketers, Bloggers, and Entrepreneurs to save money and grab some useful software and Digitial Products. AppSumo releases new products every week tying up new companies, brands, and founders.

Since AppSumo got a huge list of email subscribers, it’s a win-win situation for businesses. And the new businesses get a ton of audience to their software and digital products.

If you are curious about this month’s special AppSumo Lifetime Deals, then scroll below. I’ll keep updating this post every week or whenever there’s a good deal.

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is an annual subscription in which you get 10% off on all your AppSumo purchases, get exclusive masterclasses, access to AppSumo bundles, etc.

The AppSumo Plus is priced at $99/year and you’ll get all the extended access deals.

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Lifetime Deal Price
Email Marketing
Email Marketing
URL management
Content Marketing


WordHero - Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals

WordHero is AI-based content-writing software that human-like content within seconds. With this, you can use its suite of 50+ writing tools to generate unique time-consuming content. You can also write sales and marketing copies, blog posts, catchy titles, etc.

WordHero can be very useful if you’re a marketer or an SEO and has tons of content to produce; this tool can save you hours of work and money.

Original Value: $2088

AppSumo Lifetime deal price: $89



SendFox is an email marketing tool that lets you create automated email campaigns with ease. With SendFox you can design and build landing pages for your email marketing without having a website; SendFox lets you host your leads and everything.

You can also use your existing content to send emails with their smart campaign tool; with this, you can automatically get content from your blog or social media accounts without having to spend time or money on writing.

More importantly, SendFox is GDPR compliant so you don’t have to worry about privacy laws.

Original Value: $228

AppSumo Lifetime deal price: $49



Optinly is a lead generation tool that will help you get more email subscribers or sales with its popups. It can be a better alternative to Optinmonster.

Optinly offers features like Exit-intent popups, spin-the-wheel popups, etc. Moreover, Optinly allows you to select goal-based popups to get a higher conversion rate. You can also use it to promote special deals, collect feedback, etc.

It works with major email marketing tools like MailChimp, Convertkit, etc and you can easily integrate with them.

With the AppSumo lifetime deal, you can get Optinly for just $59 which includes 75+ premium templates, 6 pop-up form types, etc.

Original Value: $300

AppSumo Lifetime deal price: $59



TidyCal is an online booking solution by the AppSumo family that lets you easily manage your calendar. TindyCal can help you optimize your bookings schedule with custom pages and integration.

You can select the time intervals and gaps according to your needs, so you can easily manage breaks between meetings.

TidyCal also allows you to sync your calendar with Google, Apple, and Microsoft office. Also, you can set up and accept payments through PayPal and Stripe if you’re offering courses or consulting services.

For the one-time payment of just $29, you can get the Tier-1 license of TidyCal with AppSumo today.

Original Value: $120

AppSumo Lifetime deal price: $29



Sniply is a link shorter but it can add your custom CTA to your links and can engage with your audience. With Sniply, you can use external content to share with your audience and use its CTA to retarget users to drive leads to your business campaign.

Let’s say you want to share a news article from a reputed media website, when you share that link you can use Sniply to display your custom CTA popups on that content. Basically, it’s like having your own Ads network.

Sniply also allows you to add a summary of linked content and remove cluttery Ads and banners. You can also add Sniply to your website’s all outgoing links.

Original Value: $1500

AppSumo Lifetime deal price: $69



Agiled is an all-in-one white-label CRM tool for your business; with Agiled you can manage all your processes such as leads, projects, and clients in one place.

This tool lets you create invoices and accept payments from the dashboard. also, your clients can get each white-labeled portal.

You can easily integrate with platforms like Hubspot, SendFox, Active Campaign, etc. You can also manage Ticking support in the Ticket Module.

Original Value: $948

AppSumo Lifetime deal price: $69

Above are some of the Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for this month. I’ll keep updating this page.


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