7 Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for January 2023

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AppSumo Lifetime Deals are special offers where you can purchase your favorite products at a discounted one-time price. If you’re looking for this month’s AppSumo Lifetime Deal, you’re at the right place.

AppSumo is a perfect place for Marketers, Bloggers, and Entrepreneurs to save money and grab some useful software and Digitial Products. AppSumo releases new products every week tying up new companies, brands, and founders.

Since AppSumo got a huge list of email subscribers, it’s a win-win situation for businesses. And the new businesses get a ton of audience to their software and digital products.

If you are curious about this month’s special AppSumo Lifetime Deals, scroll below. I’ll keep updating this post every week or whenever there’s a good deal.

AppSumo Plus

AppSumo Plus is an annual subscription in which you get 10% off all your AppSumo purchases, exclusive masterclasses, access to AppSumo bundles, etc.

The AppSumo Plus is priced at $99/year and you’ll get all the extended access deals.

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for January

Lifetime Deal Price
Marketing & Sales
Media management
Social Media
Cloud services

Previous Month’s Deals:



WiserNotify makes the website more FOMO-friendly through social proofs, such as dynamic notifications and widgets, converting browsers into buyers. In addition to building trust and increasing leads, smart popups and widgets allow users to personalize their website experience. With Wsernotify, you can make your website more interactive with users. 

Keep track of your traffic, show live feeds, and build trust through real-time reviews, recommendation notifications, and more. The software comes with 50+ WiserNotify notification templates,200+ marketing tools, and 20+ website builders. You can customize your website and analysis report to get the best results.

Wisernotify Regular price:  $33.33 per month 

Appsumo price: $ 89 (lifetime deal) 



You can increase your content’s effectiveness with chopcast. Turn your webinars, podcasts, and product demos into short-form video clips perfect for LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Create editable subtitles, export your subtitles as SRT files, burn them to video, and more. Make your videos more effective and suitable for any platform and get more audience. 

Chopcast Regular price: $1994 per month 

Appsumo price: $69 (lifetime deal)



Get potential customers and generate more leads using luna. The AI tool lets you create personalized cold mail to outreach automatically. 

The Luna AI will automatically find your target market leads based on a few simple questions you answer. You can filter the industries according to your needs. Create effective cold emails and keep track of every email conversation in one place 

Connect with over 5,000 apps using Zapier and keep track of everything using your smartphone. Generating more leads and boosting your business.

Luna Regular price: $249 per month 

Appsumo price: $69 (lifetime deal)



Run effective content marketing campaigns for your business with Ocoya. Easily create professional graphics with over 10,000 image and video templates.

You can easily create content with customized fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layouts using drag-and-drop. Create engaging captions/content (26 different languages), get relevant hashtags suggestions, shrink your URLs for promotion, and more. Reach your target audience and generate more leads with effective content. 

Ocoya Regular price: $159 per month 

Appsumo price: $69 (lifetime deal)



The next app on our list is Fliki, a tool that turns text into videos using artificial intelligence. Using Fliki, you can create videos, podcasts, and audiobooks with voiceovers in minutes.

The software offers over 850 voices and 100 dialects in 77 languages. Users can access over five million royalty-free images, clips, and background music.

Fliki Regular price: $66 per month 

Appsumo price: $189 (lifetime deal)

WP Reset Team Plan

WP Reset Team Plan

With WP Reset, you can install themes and plugins, reset defaults, and take screenshots of your website. The plugin is designed for webmasters, agencies, and WordPress developers who constantly update and redesign their sites. 

Enhance the look of your website, rebrand the plugins, and control client licenses, sites, and collections. If you cannot access your site admin, you can still reclaim it with WP Reset’s Emergency Recovery Script. You can repair your website to make it faster. Furthermore, in worst-case scenarios, you can rebuild your website from scratch. Get lifetime access to the amazing tool from the app sumo now. 

WP Reset team plan regular price: $149/year

Appsumo price: $49 (lifetime deal)



Monitor your website, apps, and servers more effectively using MonSpark. MonSpark notifies you when a website crashes or goes down for too long so that you are always aware of its status.

All options are available, including emails, SMS, messaging apps, webhooks, and Zapier integrations. Analyze your website’s SEO, loading times, web page changes, DNS records, content updates, and more. 

MonSpark Regular price: $600 per month

Appsumo price: $69 (lifetime deal)

Above are some of the Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals for this month. I’ll keep updating this page.


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