9 Superb Email Marketing Tips to Boost your Blog Presence

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Email marketing is an essential element of social media that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of email marketing. Now, you have to make a strategy on how to convert these disadvantages into your advantages.

Generally, people delete the messages sent by bloggers referred to as spam. Hence, you must be careful about very little things like heading, graphics, etc.

Here I will cover the following topics

  • What is email marketing?
  • What all email marketing includes?
  • Benefits of email marketing
  • How to get responses from people?
  • How to make correct use of headings, graphics, images, etc.

Email marketing can be an ocean of opportunities for modern bloggers to improve their blog presence. You can tell them about your latest research, and new products, and keep them updated with your latest posts.

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Email marketing is direct communication between you and your readers. Keep them updated with the latest posts, offers, and free e-books so that you don’t lose them. If email marketing is done by making proper strategies then be ready to sky-rocket your blog. This article gives you the proper guidance on how to keep up with email marketing. So keep reading!!

Start with your blog’s name

“From” is the first line that actually the recipient will see. So you have to entice him within seconds to open it rather than referring to it as spam. “from” actually informs the readers from where the message has come. So you must clearly start with your blog’s name. And please be consistent with the same name as changing the names will make your readers uncomfortable opening your emails and you will lose the trust ability of your audience.

Content’s “Value”

The first thing to enhance your blog popularity is to provide your subscribers a meaningful content. Don’t bore them. Generally, people delete them before opening the email. Try to make them focus on your content. Deliver them free ebooks, free templates, and many other products in which they are interested. “Good content is always free content.” Gift them something unique. Keep in mind that your readers are mean. They are reading your content due to their sole purposes. So they will ask themselves before opening your email- “ What’s for me inside?”

Include the following topics in your content

  • Problems and solutions
  • new innovations
  • Your latest updates
  • Case studies
  • Tips and tricks. Begin with “7 tips to ….”, “12 ultimate tips…” and like that.

Clear messages

Be clear with it that what actually do you want from your subscribers. Whether it is that you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, download your ebook or you want them to use the promotions which you are gifting them. Don’t give a long detail to them about your offers. Rock it in the first few lines as you should not make them read the whole paragraph like a story.

Attractive heading makes your readers hungry for your offers and they are compelled to open your emails.

Now comes the “subject line”

A subject line is considered an important element of successful email marketing. As you get only 3-4 seconds to compel your readers to open the mail. A research study found that a subject line of characters more than 70 has a very less open rate while a subject line of fewer than 12 characters has an open rate of more than 60%. Shorter subject lines show amazing results. So better be careful about these tactics. Just avoid long subject lines by not crossing the 50-80 characters deadline.

Some examples of good subject lines-

  • Sign up today
  • Get a free domain. Limited offer hurry.
  • Free marketing tips- Just for you.

Make a schedule

A survey leads to the conclusion that emails made on Weekends( Saturday and Sunday) are generally read by people. If you mail your audience very often then be ready to say your audience a big “Goodbye” as you are going to be marked as spam by them. And if you mail them once a year, then also you have lost them as they are not going to remember you for such a long time. Hence, here are some tips which you should keep in mind –

  • Never mail them more than once a week as your messages can be referred to as spam.
  • Message them on weekends.
  • Don’t just keep mailing them. Keep a check on whether they are liking your content or not. If not, demand feedback.


Offer your readers both types of content i.e plain text and HTML. As we usually prefer sending emails in Html format but some of the readers are not able to open the HTML format so you have to respect your readers and provide them a choice with it.

Email newsletter

For a good user experience, I would prefer to use a template format for your newsletter. Why?

  • Using the consistent template format will gain more audience.
  • Your readers will easily recognize your template and thus it will add trust-ability.
  • Ease of editing.
  • Gets a professional look.

Build your free email templates here.

Try the email campaign management system

I would personally advise you not to use your private email for broadcasting messages. The internet is full of software providing ultimate services. If you are seeking my suggestion then use Teleric Sitefinity. Advantages-

  • ultimate email designer
  • Measures your effectiveness
  •  Schedules your email delivery
  • Encourage your visitors to subscribe

Download your free 30 days trial here.

Test your content

After following all the above-given ways the next step is to test your content for the below-given things-

  • Ultimate template format for your emails.
  • Using a proper “form” line.
  • Attractive and short“subject line”.
  • Delivering clear and simple messages.
How to check?

Sitefinity provides an A/B testing scheme. It divides your subscriber list and sends a different version of messages to test the sample in both parts. Finally, it monitors the results, calculates effectiveness, and comes out with the winner. Thus, automatically use that message for the remaining recipients.

Some benefits of proper email marketing-

  • Deeper relations with your readers.
  • Drive a targeted audience to your blog.
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • Interactive media
  • Global reach.
  • Targeted audience
  • Quick response
  • Simple and easy to track results.

This is Nikhil Ganotra signing out of Passive Blog Tips, till my next post. Good luck everyone.
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